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Importance Of Legal System In Our Society

The legal system is one of the crucial element in human civilization throughout history. To understand the importance of law must, one must know the scope of this concept. The law is a cultural construct, whereby members of society choose to establish and respect some legal norms valid for particular time and place, mandatory for all individuals compliance with a single penalty before a detour that rule.

However, there is another sense of the term, as it is also called thereby the powers of individuals within a given legal order. On this basis, then, it admits that the law is the science that simultaneously determines the obligations but also the responsibilities of each person to the others who share their life in society.

The law, guarantee peaceful coexistence

Law presumes the existence of a legal order in which people live in the community and cannot be governed by the human instinct itself. The presence of rationality has produced a series of historical circumstances with which man has probably lost his animal essence (whether cooperative or competitive) and lives in a tense situation with others, but the tension in a dimming mode.

It is said that man today could hardly live without laws because there the dominance of the stronger over, the weaker would be complete. But both the weakest and the strongest yet validated the consensus from which some institutions aimed at guaranteeing the freedoms of each person and all together are created. There is the need for a system of law appears in the resignation of stronger force as a reason to oppose any triumph and truth in society.

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